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How to Use The Nose Lifter™

How to use the Nose Lifter™

Nose Lifter Illustration

Selecting the correct size:

Place one Nose Lifter™ splint outside the nose to see if it will fit. It should be within the limits of the tip and base of the nose. It is best to always use the smallest size that securely fits for maximum comfort and ease of insertion. Larger size will give more dramatic nose lift. See figure 1.

1. Wash Nose Lifter™ with soap and water before use. Position your head looking forward or downward. Do not insert the device looking up. Start with the right nostril, get one Nose Lifter™ splint using the right hand and hold it at the base using the thumb and index finger with the jut facing you. Insert the tip of the splint pushing the tip of the nose with a gentle upward pressure.

2. Round your lips and move them downwards to stretch the nostrils. Gently push the base of the Nose Lifter™ splint towards the base of the nostril. See figure 2. Adjust the splint by pressing the sides of the nose until it snugly fits inside the nostril. See figure 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 using the left hand to insert the splint into the left nostril.

3. To remove, position your head looking forward or downward. Do not remove the device looking up. Using the Nose Lifter™ hook, pull the splint downwards by the jut. See figure 4. Repeat this process to remove the other splint.



1. Wear Nose Lifter™ for not more than an hour during the first week of use. You can increase the usage time until you feel comfortable wearing the product.

2. You should not wear Nose Lifter™ during sleep, exercise, swimming or any other strenuous activity that might cause accidental dislodgment.

3. Use only soap and water in cleaning the product. Alcohol and any other household cleaning products might affect the pliability of the splints.

4. If the splint moved beyond the hook’s reach while inserting or removing it, tilt your head down and strongly blow your nose while the opposite nostril is closed.

5. If pain and discomfort are experienced while wearing the device. Stop using the device for 2 to 3 days. If pain and discomfort persist, stop using the product.

6. For more information and video guide, visit www.noselifter.com. You can also email us at sales@noselifter.com for any questions you want to ask. You can also call the maker at their South Korean hotline at +82 70 7839 1465 for any questions and inquiries.